Modern Paganism has a large vocabulary of highly specialized language.
This glossary is intended as a quick reference guide; these definitions are highly simplified and this list is not exhaustive.

Acronym for ‘Sovereigns of the Golden Path’, affectionately known as the #suncult.

 A Sovereign of the Golden Path:
A person who has made a commitment to sacred self-ownership and principles of the SGP.

 Queens of Death:
Four saint-like mythic figures representing a way of conceptualizing of death.

Lady of Green Death:
Rebirth, tranquility, forests
Monarch of Black Death:
Entropy, infinity, space
Monarch of White Death:
Inevitability, acceptance, cemeteries
Lady of Red Death:
Grief, pain, the hearth

 Animal Regent:
A mythic archetypal being that represents all that it is to be a species of animal, all animals of that type who have ever lived, all their stories, and all those that are yet to be. Similar to the Westernized concept of ‘totem’, but created to avoid the insensitivity of mis-using the Ojibwe term.
 Animal agent:
A physical, individual animal acting as a messenger for it’s Regent, a deity or otherwise, such as a ‘sign’ in the form of a cat running across your path.
A Regent which encompasses many species of the same type, such as the Regent of the taxonomic classification of a genus. For example, Vulpes Regent, and their many children, the different species of fox.

Last update 28/04/2019