Public Summer Solstice Ritual 22/12/2019

Down on the beach, a gentle, newcomer friendly ritual to celebrate the summer solstice, praise the sun and celebrate the accomplishments of the past year and empower each other to be our best selves in the next.

The Sovereigns of the Golden Path (SGP) is an emerging queer pagan tradition rooted in chaos magic and animism.
All pagans, witches, and people interested in engaging with personal and community spirituality welcome at this event, regardless of orientation or skill level.

Please bring a scarf, shawl, ritual cord, ribbon or other, similarly shaped item for personal use in the ritual. This will be used as a way of stepping into ‘liminal space’.

Location and time: 5pm-7pm at Mordialloc beach, look for the large blue and white circular beach towel spread out on the sand near the life-saving club to the right of the pier.

If you’re worried about being able to find us, shoot me a message through the contact form here, or message me on facebook.

Facebook event here:

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